BSZ Technical Ceramics.

BSZ (acronym for the first letter of the three founders’ last names) was founded in the city of Selb, Germany, 30 years ago. Selb is renowned worldwhile for its esteemed production of porcelain goods. BSZ specialized in the production of the finest porcelain to obtain plaques targeted for the deathcare business.

Some years afterwards, at the peak of its development – due to some bad events – the founders decided to sell their stakes in the company, and BSZ was taken over by an italian company within the deathcare industry. In 2001, the production started in Italy under the same name BSZ (Technical Ceramics), using the same successful know-how that had been used in Germany, and maintaining the best quality of the products. Recently, thanks to the new owners’ commitment, application and creativity, BSZ has broadened its production with new porcelain products (books, scrolls, plates, porcelain accessories).

A special thanks to the company Fratelli Cervi (Milan), ever since exclusive distributor of the BSZ products, which – with its enduring co-operation – has contributed to the ever growing sales. BSZ Technical Ceramics’s philosophy is to maintain high quality standards, while keeping up with the changes in production technology and tecniques, and to put its competence at the disposal of all customers’ needs.